Reetu Gupta on Canada’s Top Under 40 list

Reetu Gupta, Chief Operating Officer, The Easton’s Group and The Gupta Group has been honoured by Canada’s Top 40 Under 40® as an outstanding young achiever in Canadian business.
“This is one Canada’s most prestigious awards for young business leaders and I am grateful and feel blessed to be in the company of so many dynamic current and past recipients,” said Reetu Gupta.

In a career spanning just over a decade, Reetu Gupta BBA MBA, has co-led the company to become a successful residential real estate developer. In 2017, the launch of Icona Condos in Vaughan’s Metropolitan Centre broke records when its three towers sold out in under one month.

Reetu wears many hats, she is President for all of Canada – World Spiritual Awareness Forum, Board Member-Ted Rogers School of Management & Hospitality Board, Board Member for Women in Tourism & Hospitality Conference by Hotelier Magazine; Brand Ambassador for Water Aid, to name a few. As co-chair for the University Health Network’s (UHN) Diawli Gala, she raised almost $2 million in the past two years.

In an exclusive interview with Can-India, Reetu Gupta gets all reflective.

As a mentor of sorts for young aspiring South Asian entrepreneurs what would be your word of advice?
One challenge many younger South Asians is they lack confidence. They may have great ideas but if they don’t put their ideas through, they lose out. That is something I learnt from my dad who came with nothing as was able to create so much. He always told us ‘never take no for an answer’. If you believe in something, put your point across. But more important than just talking is listening and I think developing good listening skills can make a big difference.

How important is it to have a mentor?
I have had many mentors, in a way I am a sum of everyone I’ve met, seen and heard.
My family members are my mentors, me and my siblings are constantly communicating and encouraging me. My Guruji Shri Brahmrishi Gurudev is my mentor as well who has given me such valuable advice over the years. Everyone can find mentors from among friends and colleagues.

How do you balance work and leisure?
I make time for what I enjoy very much. I have to work out every day, so I make time for it. I like going out and meeting friends. It’s all about time management. I have one guilty pleasure, watching a TV show- Gossip Girl.

Is it harder for a woman entrepreneur in 2017 than for a man?
There is a challenge being a woman and a South Asian woman at that. In the real estate business for example, I am the only woman. In the hotel industry, there are very few women. That is why it is important to have the confidence and ability to communicate and develop the art of negotiating.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In my industry, things change very quickly. I want to accomplish so much. I want to get my fashion line launched. Keeping up with the changes makes it hard to predict. I could be in a completely different industry!

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