Steve Gupta Receives Honorary Doctorate from Ryerson University ( July 03, 2015 )

TORONTO, June 29, 2015 – At Ryerson University’s Spring 2015 Convocation, Steve Gupta, CEO/President of The Gupta Group and Easton’s Group of Hotels, was honoured with a Doctor of Laws honoris causa degree.

He was one of two distinguished individuals recognized for making outstanding contributions to their fields. The presentation took place as part of the Ted Rogers School of Management convocation ceremony, Friday, June 12, 2015.

Mr. Gupta delivered a moving speech to Ryerson graduates and others in the audience, which included his family, Chancellor Lawrence Bloomberg, President Sheldon Levy, Provost Mohamed Lachemi, members of the Platform Party, Ryerson faculty and staff and the Gupta team members.

He dedicated this honour “to my late parents and my Guru, Swami Guruvanandji, who taught me how to live life with happiness, not for happiness. I am also sharing this recognition with my wife Rashmi, my children Reema, Reetu, Shelley and Suraj.”

He reminisced about arriving in Canada (May 9, 1971) with only $108 Canadian and how over 40+ years of hard work, built a strong vibrant foodservice-hospitality industry and real estate organization.

“I’m a great believer in higher education, but once you’ve learned the basis, I believe that ‘degrees in experience’ are really what count.”

He shared with the capacity audience his six key principles of success:

1. You must have passion to work relentlessly hard. No dreams ever come true until you get ready and go to work.

2. Take the extra degree of effort. Seemingly small things can make tremendous differences.

3. Develop a laser-sharp focus and determined effort.

4. Learning is like breathing – it should never stop Always be optimistic. Believe in yourself and your ability to make it happen.

5. Build a strong reputation with integrity. With a good reputation you can always make money; with a poor reputation, you have nothing.

6. Always give back to your community.”